Tumblr Password Reset Warning Sparks Concern Among iOS Users

Tumblr Password UpdateTumblr issued a password reset warning today, and has released a very important security update for iPhone and iPad users that addresses password security flaws. The update resolves an issue that allowed passwords to be “sniffed” in transit on certain versions of the Tumblr app.

Following the discovery and resolution of the security flaw, Tumbler is warning its iOS users to change their password on Tumblr and anywhere else that the same password is used. Tumblr also strongly recommends that iOS users download the update now.

The Tumblr security team published the following notice:

If you’ve been using these apps, you should also update your password on Tumblr and anywhere else you may have been using the same password. It’s also good practice to use different passwords across different services by using [a password manager].

We’ve mentioned before that the best password managers allow you to create unique, strong passwords that are complex and hard to crack. For iPhone and iPad users, take a look at DataVault Password Manager for Mac and iOS. DataVault offers incredibly powerful security features to protect your password data, and it can help you manage your passwords and change them quickly if potential security issues arise like the case with Tumblr.

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