The 35 Worst Passwords of 2013—And How to Fix Them

It doesn’t get much worse than getting hacked, especially if it’s because of poor password hygiene. After careful study, we have discovered the 35 worst passwords of 2013—and how to fix them. There’s a reason the ones we found are the worst passwords: they are default router passwords for some of the most common routers in use today.

worst-passwords-2013You’d be surprised how many people don’t update or change their default router password. And the list of the worst passwords you see below come as the default password with routers from Belkin, Cisco, D-Link, F5, Linksys, Oracle, and Netgear, along with some telecom companies such as Vonage, Nokia, Motorola, and others.

  1. MiniAP
  2. admin
  3. diamond
  4. cmaker
  5. changeme
  6. attack
  7. changeme2
  8. NULL
  9. public/private/secret
  10. cisco
  11. Cisco
  12. _Cisco
  13. blender
  14. hsadb
  15. wlsedb
  16. system
  17. D-Link
  18. password
  19. user
  20. private
  21. default
  22. 1234
  23. tivonpw
  24. 5777364
  25. 21241036
  26. sys/change_on_install
  27. router
  28. VTech
  29. 9999
  30. m1122
  31. telecom
  32. telecom
  33. nokai
  34. motorola
  35. scmchangeme


If you find that you’re using one (or more) of the worst passwords of 2013, it behooves you to fix them as soon as possible. We strongly encourage you to change your password. Don’t know where to start? Want to know how security guru’s keep track of and securely manage passwords?

The solution is actually quite simple: Use a password manager.

There are many password manager options to choose from, so it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. Truth be told, the best password managers will include a secure password generator. This feature is how you can fix your bad passwords.

We like RoboForm a lot and highly recommend this product to our readers. RoboForm includes a password generator feature that lets you create passwords up to 512 characters long for the strongest security possible.

Another great option for Mac users is SplashID Safe, which we’ve given a strong 5-star rating as one of the best password managers available today. Regardless, any of these options are a great way to fix weak password problems.

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